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Hello Trainers! o///\///\////\//

I have an important announcement to share with everyone. The PixelSpark Pixelmon Network will be updating all our servers to the 1.12 minecraft version of Pixelmon on January 31st. This would mean new and updated content along with some much needed bug fixes. This update should allow ALL PLAYERS to join out network using 1-2GB of ram, and our servers sould be running much more smoothly.

The PixelSpark Mod pack will be updated accordingly, as well as our new forge pack. Forgepack is a simpler way to download and run our modpack.

Our Artist, IntroducingEmy's Social Media:

Happy New Year trainers! 2017 was a spectacular year for Pixelspark, from introducing new features to welcoming new players into our community. 2018 is gonna be a very exciting year for us as we have A LOT of new things coming for the network! One of our biggest goals for the new year is to bring all of our servers closer together, we're gonna start this with our new event server that will be out within the next month, most server-related events will be on this server; it will work the same way as the Christmas event, but you will be competing against your fellow Pixelspark players. We are hoping for a very exciting and eventful 2018 and we hope you're there to be a part of it!

Our Artist, IntroducingEmy's Social Media:

Whuddup my guys! o/////////

It's the time of the year where we give thanks to our families and spread a little joy around. Well, if you're a believer in Ol' Turkey Yeezy that is. Regardless, after coming off Spooktober, it's nice to unwind with your close friends, snuggle under some blankets, and sip hot chocolate -- or tea, if that suits your fancy! Nevertheless, here's the newletter.

Starting November 23rd and ending on November 27th PixelSpark will be having a Black Friday Sale which will have all of our items at a whopping 50% off their normal price! If you've been holding off on any big purchases, now is the time. Catch this very quick sale while you can and make the most of it~

Server Discords
HeartGold - https://discord.gg/3gXf3ED
SoulSilver -
Generations - https://discord.gg/kx5z3rE
Origins - https://discord.gg/WCRqte2
PikaCity -



  • New Map!
    • The world has been wiped clean and player data cleared.
    • Everyone starts with a new, fresh slate, so use this chance to sprint ahead in front of everyone else!
    • Donor ranks are the only thing that carries over the reset -- this does not include Pokemon you received from keys or direct purchases.
  • The Gyms have been completely reworked to have new, exciting typings.
    • Be sure to check them all out and test your strength against them!
  • The Elite 4 is now open and ready to be challenged! If you've beaten all eight of the gyms, get ready to take on your next challenge.
  • Three new warps have been added!
    • Check out /warp draw, /warp KnowTheStaff, and /warp prices The Thanksgiving Event will open on the 23rd. Be sure to check it out for exclusive prizes and games!
  • Battle Frontier on the way
  • Custom mods and content in the works. Stay tuned for development announcements


  • Added Player gyms
  • New events and Forum events (check warp Events for info)
  • Custom mods and content in the works. Stay tuned for development announcements


  • Added in new Player Gyms to test your strength against
  • New events and forum events have been added.
  • Check out /warp events for more details
  • FP loss at /warp BattleFrontier has been resolved.
    • If you still have issues, please contact an admin
  • Christmas Town is in the works.
  • Custom mods and content in the works. Stay tuned for development announcements


  • Pikacity Red and Pikacity Blue have merged into the single PikaCity!
  • Any donations made for either of the original will carry over to the new server.
  • Custom mods and content in the works. Stay tuned for development announcements


  • Formally Pixelmon MMO
  • Events revamped
  • Gyms revamp in the works
  • lvl 100 Gym Line coming soon
  • Mega Stone shop added (/megastone)
  • Custom mods and content in the works. Stay tuned for development announcements

Our Artist, IntroducingEmy's Social Media: