Hey there Trainers! o////////////

August is finally here and the weather's been pretty cool where I am as of late. It's always nice to have breezy summer days with a nice cozy bonfire every once in a while. Our preliminary Tourney Winners are as follows:

The stands are released early. If you are a finalist, please contact your nearest Community Manager or Server Admin to help scedule a time for you to battle.

PixelSpark Pixelmon Official Summer Tournament Finalists Bracket - (Opens in a new window)

Good luck finalists! o/

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Hey there Trainers! o////////////

We are happy to announce that PixelSpark will be hosting a huge inter-server tournament, where competitors will be inclusive of all Trainers throughout the server!! Here's the run-down:

Each server will consist of 4 preliminary tournaments where the winner of each tournament proceeds onto the finals. Winners of each Preliminary Tournament will receive a prize of $10 PixelSpark store credit!! Our Preliminary Tournaments will occur on Saturday, August 5th into Sunday, August 6th.
These are the times our Preliminary Tournaments will occur:

Saturday, August 5th @ 6 AM EST
Saturday, August 5th @ 1 PM EST
Saturday, August 5th @ 8 PM EST
Sunday, August 6th @ 12 AM EST

Ask a staff member if you need help converting this time into your time zone!

Winners will then move on to our Finals Tournament, where they will compete for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Place.
3rd Place will receive $25 PixelSpark store credit!!
2nd Place will receive $50 PixelSpark store credit!!
1st Place will receive $100 PIXELSPARK STORE CREDIT!!!!

Finals will occur on Saturday, August 26th at a time to be announced as competitor availability will also be taken into account. Finals will also have competitors battle each other multiple times, and the winner is the Trainer that wins the best out of 3 battles. Competitors in finals are also allowed to bring up to 9 Pokemon and compose their team of 6 before each battle.


Banned Legends:








Banned pokemon:




Banned items:

Soul Dew

Consumable Items (Potions, X-attack, etc.)

Baton Pass Clause:

Only one pokemon per team can have the move Baton Pass. You cannot Baton Pass stats that boost speed and another stat.

Example: Speed Boost Swords Dance Scolipede wouldn't be allowed to baton pass the boosts, but baton passing 2 stats that don't include speed, like Bulk Up is fine

No Evasion Moves (Double team, minimize, etc)

Species Clause:

Example: A player cannot have two Pokemon with the same National Pokédex Number on a team

Banned Abilities:


No OHKO moves

Sleep clause:

You lose if at the end of your turn, two of your opponent's Pokemon were put to sleep by a move you used but were not forced into, and neither have had their sleep removed since then

No Swagger

Nicknames must be kept appropriate

Participants are not allowed to spectate battles

If anyone has any questions about the tournament or it's rules, please contact a community manager who can help you get the right answers!

Best of luck Trainers, and see you all at the tournament!

Click here to go to the Tournament discussion thread. (Opens in a new window)

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Good Morning Trainers! o/

I'm going to keep this brief and get right into the announcements. As some of you know, Pixelmon recently stopped development and we put out an official statement on the topic here: Click here to open the post in a new tab. Our network is growing as well as our community, and we don't plan on it stopping anytime soon! The Summer Sale has been boosted to 25% off, from now until September! Our team of Community Managers have been putting together a network wide competitive battle tournament. Be on the lookout on your servers, as well as here for information on where to sign up, as well as the huge prizes! Now, on with the news!


  • New shop icons
    • New Summer Chest added!
  • New GTS plugin has been fixed! Checkout /gts
  • Custom RPG plugin to be added! This will allow you to take and track various quests!
  • Backpacks and player vaults to be added in soon
  • Elite 4 & Victory road to be added in very soon
  • Tokens have be added
  • Daily Login rewards fixed
  • Custom mods and content in the works. Stay tuned for development announcements


  • Added /afk for donators
  • Added /buyclaimblocks & /sellclaimblocks
  • Tab is now more organized
  • Added /gts
    • /gts help
  • Added daily bonus
  • Added Spark lottery
    • /lottery buy <1-10>
  • Added pokemon info
    • /<pokemon>
  • Readded /shop
  • /pokemarket to sell a pokemon to the server!
  • Added /token shop
    • Get tokens by opening vote chests
  • /craft has been implemented with recipes
  • Trial Helper Rank Removed - you will now go straight to the normal full helper
  • Legendary Spawn Rate being increased soon!
  • /endbattle removed due to glitch
    • Ask staff to /endbattle for you!
  • Visit our SoulSilver newsletter for more info: Click here to be redirected.
  • Custom mods and content in the works. Stay tuned for development announcements


  • Added /gts
  • Added Scramble
  • Added in new daily bonus
  • Added in Token shops
  • Fixed Voting
  • Fixed Lottery issues
  • New Hardcore parcour events and new Monthly building contests
  • Coming soon
    • Forum events and new mines


  • /warp parkour is up and running on the server, and contains a Legend Key and $10,000 for anyone who is able to make it to the end
  • /warp events now contains an NPC that will link all players to the event list on the forum
    • It not only explains to them how events work but also the set times that events are supposed to run so that players can plan ahead for them
  • New Carnival build is coming to the server, with minigames everyone can play with their friends for free and plenty of prizes/hidden goodies to be found
  • 15th - 22nd of July we will be running a Game of Thrones event!
    • Players will be able to warp to a certain location and pick from 3 Houses to get a shiny Pokemon themed on that House
  • Custom mods and content in the works. Stay tuned for development announcements


  • Updated to 5.1.2
  • Custom mods and content in the works. Stay tuned for development announcements

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